100 model icon challenge

100 model icon challenge
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Welcome to model_100, a 100 model icon challenge community. Like other alike comms, this place is for you to make a total of 100 icons of the model you have chosen.
I made this community because I personally enjoy making icons of models and also seeing other beautiful ones made by great icon makers.

The main objective of this community is to have 100 icons or even more for the beautiful models for everyone to enjoy. Please read the rules carefully to fully understand the function of this community!

1 - First, please join this community. You will need to be a member to get posting access and also taking icons(if the maker allows it.)

2 - Choose a model and claim. Only 3 claims per model.

3 - This challenge will consist of two parts, 50 themes I had come up with and also 50 maker's choice part. Everyone has to do the 50 themes(listed below), so be creative!Remember, enterpretation of theme is up to your imagination.Also the order you make your icons doesn't have to be in the order of the themes. For the MAKER'S CHOICE part you are allowed to post 50 icons without a theme or a theme that you came up with. It is totally free.

50 themes for model_100
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*Also doing ONE icon challenge with TWO models is allowed. If you are, follow these rules;

-have both models EQUALLY in your challenge, 50/50.
-You will have to create ONE icon with both models in it. Make it icon #101!

4 - Take your time during this icon challenge. There is no need to rush!Post the icons in batches, minimum of 5 icons per post.But members who haven't posted any icons for 4 months will have their claims erased for other people to use.

5 - What the posts should look like:

Model: model's name
Themes: completed themes in this post
# of icons: # of new icons you posted in this post
Completed out of 100: # /100 (icons in total you have created in this challenge)

*Don't forget to post the batch behind a lj-cut! Also a teaser with ONLY 3 icons will be nice.

6 - Make sure only the model you have chosen is the main attention of your icon. I will remove posts if they aren't.

7 - When you finish all 100 icons, please post the whole set to the HALL OF FAME post here. You will get a banner(optional) when you do this.

8 - You MAY post the icons you have made outside this community. BUT you CANNOT、 use icons you have made in the past for this challenge. You may EDIT past icons to make it fit the theme, but please be creative and try to make new icons for this challenge.

9 - Now that you've read all the rules, go claim and when it is accepted start posting them! Make sure to use an icon generator, like the one that 77words made.

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